The Unshakable Kingdom (post #1)

Well, another new year is upon us!  As every new year, 2010 is a year of endless promise and possibility.  With every new years’ arrival, people are filled with excitement, new vigor and dedication, and an unwavering “I can” & “I will” attitude.  But, unfortunately, it usually doesn’t take long before people fall back into their usual patterns of mediocrity and unfulfilled desires and dreams.
 I’m sure that 2009’s incoming was…
another new beginning full of promise and excitement.  But, actually, 2009 ended up being a very rough year for many people throughout the world.  With the economy in a seemingly constant downward spiral, continual coverage of the Swine Flu Virus, and constant governmental scandal, controversy, and failure, many people have ran out of hope, and simply given up promises of a better tomorrow.

      Unfortunately, this mentality has even found its way into the Body of Christ.  But, is that really the way it’s supposed to be?  Is the Body of Christ supposed to “go down the drain” along with the world?  Are the children of The Living God supposed to be in turmoil just as those who do not serve God?  No, they are not.  The Word of God declares in Hebrews 12:28, “Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which CANNOT be moved, let us have grace……”  God’s Word declares that we have received a Kingdom which cannot be moved or shaken!  While most of the world is in a time of turmoil, shaking, and unsurety, the Body of Christ has received a promise from God Himself that we have a sure foundation for ourselves in this life that is unmovable and unshakable!  That means that this promise from God is eternally constant.  It never stops being true.  It never changes it’s mind.  It is never more true, or less true, but rather, it is eternally completely true.  It is never shaken by worldly circumstances, nor is it ever weakened by man’s inabilities or shortage of solutions.  In order for the world’s problems to stop God’s people, they would have to first be able to stop God Himself.  Because of promises from God such as this one, times of shaking in the world are times when the true, triumphant church should shine brighter than ever!  Jesus declared in Mark 13:31, that “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My Words shall not pass away.”  Indeed, we are truly seeing this world pass away before our very eyes.  But, thanks be to God, no matter how much of the world and it’s systems’ pass away, and no matter how often we lose the things that we have become dependent upon, we know have a sure promise that is more solid and eternally unchanging than anything that this world’s system of so-called security has to offer.

      So, is it even possible, that in this world of economic unsurety and all-round governmental crisis (amongst other things), to have a life with security and stability in an everyday, down to earth, practical kind of way?  Yes, it most certainly is.  I mean, if God is real, and so big and powerful, wouldn’t it be nice to see His hand and His help in our everyday lives’ in a tangible, undeniable way?  Don’t you ever get tired of “pie in the sky, fluff & puff” preaching that does nothing more than tell everyone that God is teaching you something by giving you a bunch of problems?  If God really is so loving and so completely able to help us, wouldn’t it make more sense to think that He wants provide solutions for us, and alleviate our problems?   But most Christians just give us a nice pat on the back, and tell us that, “one day we’ll understand why God is doing this, and somehow he’s teaching you and molding you through this.”  I mean, did Jesus ever do or say anything like that in the Gospels?  NO!  Most emphatically not!  So let’s look a little closer at the solution found in Heb. 12:28.  Notice that this promise is connected to God’s grace.  (Heb. 12:28 – Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have GRACE…)  That is truly good news!  There is no foundation more sure in all of existence than that of God’s unshakable grace!  There is a whole lot that I could say about grace, and in more time I will, but let me just say that God’s grace is as true, real, and powerful as God Himself.  In essence, God’s grace can be defined as, “Favor freely given by God which cannot be earned, deserved, or merited, which in-and-of itself produces God’s supernatural power and ability in you and on your behalf.”  We do not and can not earn God’s grace by our lifestyles, actions, good deeds or general performance.  Their is no way that we could ever earn God’s grace by how good we do.  Grace is grace because we don’t deserve it.  And the same goes for this promise of operating in God’s unshakable kingdom in a shaken world.  It is purely received into our lives by His grace.  Their is nothing that we can do in our efforts or our abilities to earn this promise from God, for He alone finished the work, or “sealed the deal”, thus making all of His promises available to us, through Jesus’ blood.  All we can do is simply receive His unshakable Kingdom, His promise of a better and fulfilling life, by faith.  By truly trusting that He means exactly what He says, and that He means it for US!
      Even though this world has let you down at times, and though people you love and jobs’ you have trusted in have failed you, rest in peace and surety, knowing that your Heavenly Father will never let you down.  He will never fail you.  He has placed His unshakable Kingdom on the inside of you. (Luke 17:21)  So, do not allow this to be another year in which you “make & brake” well-intending resolutions, but yield little or no results.  Clearly, just by looking all around us, it’s easy to see that your and my very best self-efforts are not good enough to sustain and secure us in the world in which we live.  Allow this to be the year in which you allow the Unshakable God to bring His unshakable promises to pass into your life.  Lean heavy upon His grace this year, and His grace, His favor, and His ability will lean heavy upon you.  Lean heavy upon His love for you, and allow Him to give you a life that is truly worth living.  Allow Him to give you true fulfillment, peace, and contentment, and allow Him to bring your dreams and desires to pass.  May your resolution this year, be to fall hopelessly in love with the God of grace, the Lord Jesus Christ.


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