Common Christian LIE – 
“Grace Can Lead to a Careless Attitude Toward Sin”

(This post contains a teaching from me, and a video by Dr. Steve McVey)

      There are a lot of misconceptions and lies about grace.  One of those lies is that if you talk to much about grace, or if you overemphasize grace, or if you pursue grace to much, then you’ll think that it’s OK to live a sinful lifestyle.  That is simply not Biblical, and thus not true.  GRACE IS THE ONLY ADEQUATE REMEDY TO THE SIN PROBLEM!  For to long, the Church at large has tried to scare and threaten people into living holy through threats of wrath.  We have told people so much that they have to be careful to not let there flesh run their life, that they somehow think that it’s their natural inclination to live in sin according to every lustful desire of their flesh.  Well, the truth is that after all of these 2,000 odd years of Christianity, people usually do not live holy because of the threats and fears of wrath.  People will only truly live holy, in public and in private, when they truly begin to understand and grow in the unconditional love that God has for them.  When you catch a glimpse of how much God loves you, that will in turn cause you to love Him more.  You won’t have to TRY to love Him more, it will just be a natural reaction.  For example, when a father or mother comes home from a long day of work, and as soon as they walk in the door, their  1 yr old child, drops their toys, and runs to them and says,” Daddy!” or ‘Mommy!” for the very first time, the parents heart is sure to be ignited with love and joy that can’t be expressed!  And at that moment that parent has become such a sucker for love that they would do absolutely anything for their child.  It’s the same thing with us and our Father.  When we catch a glimpse of His love for us, our heart burns passionately in response with love and gratitude towards Him!  And in the experience of His love for us, we desperately long and desire to please Him!  Now, our wonderful Saviour could never love us more than what He already does, for God IS love.  But, we can eternally grow more and more in the revealtion of His unlimited, immeasurable love for us.  And as that continually happens in our lives, we will in-turn, automatically and effortlessly love Him more.  Every time we grow in the revelation of His love for us, our love for Him will grow.

      Now, on the flip side, you’ve possibly heard it said, “If a parent calls their child “stupid” long enough, then the kid will begin to believe it and act like it.”  Or, if a wife calls her husband a, “sorry, lazy, good-for-nothing, just like your old man, sorry dog” for long enough, then that’s probably what he will eventually act like.  But, contrary to all of the times that we’ve been told that if it wasn’t for fear of bad consequenses, wrathful judgement and hell, the truth is that it is the Christian’s natural desire to live holy.  I mean, don’t you feel bad or convicted when you blatantly lie, steal, or lose your temper and “go off” on someone who didn’t deserve it?  If you’re born again, then I’m sure that you do.  And the reason is because in your very nature, the true essence and core of who you really are, you truly and purely desire to live holy.  So as ministers and church leaders, it’s time that we tell the people of God the truth!  And that truth is that whether you know it or not, it’s you’re nature and heart’s desire to live holy.  No longer do you have to TRY to put your flesh under and TRY to DO godly things as opposed to unholy things.  Stop all the trying and doing, and just BE yourself.  It’s a lot harder to try to DO something, than it is to just BE something.  I could try to DO things that a dog does, but that wouldn’t make me a dog.  Doing dog things would certainly not come natural to me.  So, instead of DOING dog things, and trying to live up to the standard of dogs, I’ll just BE who I really am, and let my natural desires come forth. Romans 2:14 and Hebrews 8:10 both say, that, God has written His laws in the Believer’s heart, and thus it has become our nature to live holy.  We now have both the DESIRE and ABILITY to live Biblically holy lives.  The 10 Commandments we’re a descritption of God’s very nature, but under the Old Covenant, man was not born-again, or, they didn’t have God’s nature within them, and thus could not keep God’s standard.  But now, thanks be unto God, we’ve been born-again and have received His nature on the inside of us, and now we can live in true holiness and true righteousness.  Under the law, the people of God did a lot of outer good works, but what they really needed was an inward good work.  A good work that only God could provide.  Although some of their outward works we’re good, on the inside they still had the nature of a sinner.  Their good works could never make them good on the inside.  But, now that God has given us His nature, we don’t just have to perform a bunch of good works, but now we are made holy on the inside first, and then the inner holiness manifests in our lives outwardly.  Jesus taugh about this in Matthew 5:19-22.  So now, as a Born-Again Child of God, my natural “BE”, and even my natural “DO”, are things that are holy, righteous, godly, and pleasing before the Lord.
       In closing, Galatians 5:16 says, “This I say then, Walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfil the lusts of the flesh.”  Usually we have taught the church that if they don’t fulfill the lusts of the flesh, then they will walk in the Spirit.  But, the scripture is clear that if you will walk in the natural desires of your born-again spirit, then the natural by-product is that you won’t fulfill the desires and lusts of the flesh.  So stop trying to put down your flesh and it’s desires so that you can then in-turn “walk in the Spirit” and live godly, but rather, just let the life of God that is within you naturally flow out of you.  Just let your heart’s natural desires come forth in your life.  So, don’t waste all of your time focusing on all of your sins and bad habits, b/c what you focus on is what you’ll gravitate towards.  So, stop TRYING so hard with your vain efforts, and attempts.  Stop depending on your futile abilities, so-called strenghts and will-power.  And stop making vain promises to God that you’ll “do better next time”, but simply get out of the way LET the life of God flow through you!  Let God’s life take it’s natural course within and through you!  Let God live His abundant life through you!

And now, Dr. Steve McVey:


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