This post is a spontaneous post.  It wasn’t something that I have previously thought about writing, but after listening to some good preaching tonight about the grace of God, and after talking to my Dad tonight about the awesome, amazing grace of God, it’s just burning within me! And, quite honestly, I hope to encourage you.  On the inside, I feel like the two men who traveled on the road with Jesus to the village Emmaus. (Luke 24:13-32).  Like them, my heart burns within me!  One thing about the Gospel of Grace, is that it never gets old, stale, worn out, or uninteresting.  It just continues to burn brighter and brighter within you!  It honestly just gets better and better!  I must say, the light of the righteous burns brighter and brighter!
 Well, when you get born again, you become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!  And He “lights” your spirit on the inside of you, by freely giving you His righteousness and placing His life within you.  And just like oil fuels the flame of a lamp, the more that you feed on the grace of God, the more His grace will fuel, ignite, and burn the life of God within you!  Feeding on the grace of God ignites and burns the life of God on the inside of you!  The scripture says in Hebrews 12:29, that, “Our God is a consuming fire.”  So feed on His grace, and your Master will consume you in His awesome fire!
        You know, people get excited about certain things.  For instance, when a person gets a brand new car that they have been wanting for the previous 2 years.  They are overwhelmed with excitement and exuberance, and of course, they can’t shut up about it!  You know, when you love something, when you attain something that is of great value and very precious in your sight, you just can’t keep quiet about it.  And it’s not something that you’re doing for show.  Even when you’re alone, when you think about your precious, valuable item, you smile from ear to ear and even burst out loud with excitement!  Well, you can literally experience that same excitement in your relationship with the Lord.  Ever since God has placed me on the path of His grace, the only path that bears any fruit in a Believer’s life, it just gets better and better.  The excitement never gets old or dull.  With things in the natural, even in the instance of the brand new car that I just mentioned, eventually the buzz wears off.  Oh, but not this Gospel!  Not this grace!  Not this JESUS!  The reason that the buzz of the grace of God never wears off, is because grace is Jesus Christ personified!  JESUS IS GRACE!  He doesn’t merely have grace, but He Himself is what you and I know as grace!  Ah, isn’t that beautiful!?!?!  
      The grace of God is Jesus’ fingerprint on humanity.  Think of someone that you know.  Someone who has obviously undergone an obvious, dramatic and supernatural transformation in their life.  Someone you know that was “touched” by God, and thus radically and gloriously saved and changed.  When you see them, you undeniably know that there is something now different about them than from times past.  You know that they have been touched.  Well, what you are seeing on them is the fingerprint of Jesus.  He touched them, and now they have His fingerprints all over them!  And what you are now seeing, is a byproduct of His grace!  You know, if you scanned Jesus’ fingerprints through an electronic system, such as what legal facilities use, the identifying information that would show up in the system would be a 100% perfect match to: GRACE.  Oh, don’t you love it!!!  Continually allow Jesus to touch you with His grace!  Let Him leave His fingerprint of grace all over you!  When you do, not only will you be changed, but the grace upon you will dramatically effect others around you.
      In closing, let me share what may be a bit of a funny story with you.  Apprx. 1-2 weeks ago, I was in my home alone.  Well, I got hungry.  I even got hungry enough to get off of the couch and make my own meal (which is a miracle for any man).  So, I reached into my freezer, and pulled out a couple of corn dogs.  I took them out of the box that they we’re in, put them on a plate, and placed them into my microwave.  Well, while they we’re cooking, I started to just say a little prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord.  In other words, I began to thank the Lord, literally and out loud, for being my Provider.  Well, as I was thanking Him for being my Provider, and more specifically, for having provided the corn dogs that I was about to eat, I got so excited and overwhelmed b/c of the fact that in the finished work of Calvary the Lord included meeting ALL of my natural needs, than in my rejoicing I literally began to jumping up and down while at the same time verbally pouring out praise and worship to the Lord!  There I was, in my kitchen, jumping, praising, and having my own personal 30 second revival b/c Jesus provided a few corn dogs for me!  Now, that may sound silly, but that is what the grace of God will do for you!  (And for the record, that’s just one example to show that grace won’t make you lazy or indifferent in your Christian walk). You see, true worship is birthed out of grace.  As New Testament Believer’s, we don’t worship the Lord for what He’s GOING TO DO, or to try to get Him to do anything.  But, we worship Him because of what He has already done!  The more that you grow in the revelation of His grace, and of the finished work that He completed on the cross b/c of His deep love for us, the more praise will just automatically and effortlessly pour out of you!  It won’t be something that you will have to try to conjure up or talk yourself into.  Worship is the natural, effortless response when one receives a revelation of His grace and the finished work!  So, in conclusion, I would say unto you:  MEDITATE AND FEED UPON THE GRACE OF GOD.  2 Peter 3:18 says, “But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ…….”  In other words, actively learn of and partake of, your Father’s grace for you.  Pursue and take hold of the grace that is so freely available to you.  If you find yourself discontent, tired, wore out, or just flat out unhappy in your Christian walk, then just STOP!  Get rid of your agenda.  Quit thinking about your failures.  Get rid of all of your duties and the pressures that you feel the need perform and fulfill.  JUST STOP!  And simply partake of His unconditional, non-performance based love for you.  That’s all.  Just let Jesus love on you.  Take a “grace walk.”  And when you do take your own “grace walk”, just like the two men who walked with Jesus on the road to Emmaus, your heart will burn within you with passion and love for your Master!

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