Below is part 1 of 6 videos from GodTV of Pastor Ryan LeStrange ministering at New Life Bible Church in Cleveland, TN. In this powerful, anointed 6-video teaching, you will learn much about mental torment, such as: where torment comes from, what opens up doors for the devil to torment your mind, how to get free from mental torment, and most importantly how to stay free from demonic, mental torment.  I believe that these videos can be a great benefit to you if you are struggling with depression, confusion, hopelessness, torment, ect. in your mind.  Even in my own life, I have applied principles from the Word of God such as what are taught in this sermon by Pastor LeStrange, and experienced the liberating power of God from depression and torment in my own mind.  No matter how long you have been battling with things in your mind, I KNOW that if you will watch & listen intently, learn, and then DO what you’re taught to on these videos, then your days of torment are over and you will most assuredly be able to have the peace of mind that you have desired to have.   
(you can select the next video in the playlist that will appear below after the current video ends.  Of course, you can just fast-forward the video to the end and then immediately select the whichever one of the 6 videos that you would like.  Also, you can jump on over to YouTube and find these video as well)


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