The Bible says in 1 John, that, “God is love.”  From that statement, we can conclude that the Lord does not just have love, He doesn’t merely offer and administer love, but rather He actually IS love.  He is love personified.  He is the full embodiment of the fulness of all love.  Their is no such thing as love apart from Him.  Their is no such thing as love that doesn’t derive from Him.  Again, He IS love.  Getting the point?  In the same way, the Lord Jesus Christ IS Healing.  He IS Prosperity.    He is our Righteousness, Wisdom, and Sanctification.  He IS supernatural Peace, Joy, and Complete Victory!
        To many times, well-intending Believer’s focus on trying to receive these blessings from God, such as healing, prosperity, ect., and that my brother and sister, is exactly the problem.  Notice, I said that they focus on the blessing, and not The Blessing.  So many times in my own walk with the Lord, their we’re times when I focused sooo much on having great faith.  I mean I tried with every ounce of my being to have great, giant, devil stomping, mountain moving faith.  In fact, I tried so hard, that at times I completely wore myself out in my Christian walk, and just about nearly burned out.  But, wouldn’t you know that the Word of God had an answer for me!  Hebrews 4:3 says, “For we which have believed have entered into rest.”  Of course, to believe is to have faith, so we could easily understand that, to be in faith, is to be in rest.  Well, I can certainly tell you, that I have entered into a realm of rest that at one time was unknown to me.  I wonder, do you ever catch yourself wore out just trying to stay afloat from one day to the next in your walk with the Lord?  I mean, to be honest, if we’re not careful, the more preaching that we listen to and the more Bible reading that we do, the less time we have to enjoy and grow in our relationship with God, b/c each new day their is something new to do.  Please, don’t misunderstand me.  Of course we need to read, meditate upon, and confess God’s Word over our life.  Of course we need to listen to good Bible-based, anointed teaching and preaching from ministers of the Gospel.  But, what I mean is this:  Right after you get saved, you don’t know anything, except that you found out that God loved, accepted, and wanted you, and you accepted Him into your heart, and low-and-behold, you we’re born again.  And from the point of your salvation, and for a little while, you just keep enjoying Jesus.  Then, one day, you hear some teaching.  Let’s say, some teaching about prayer.   So, the next day after hearing that teaching, all that you can focus on is praying.  Then, you hear some teaching on praying on tongues.  So now, you’re focused on praying normal, and praying in tongues.  Then, you hear some teaching about worship.  Now, you’re praying normal, praying in tongues, and worshipping.  Then, as time goes on, you hear about fasting, confession, rebuking the devil, speaking to the mountain, putting on the armor of God, interceeding for your family, interceeding for the lost, praying for the peace of Jerusalem, witnessing to lost people, being silent and listening for the voice of God, and……………….so on and so on and so on.  And with each new “Christian tool” that you focus on, you now focus that much less on Jesus.   And by the time that you are doing all of these things every day, you no longer have time to just sit and talk to Him.  And I think this is one area where the church has really missed it.  Instead of trying to focus on having great faith and trying to be great men of God, we should just focus on our Great God, and let Him take care of all of the other stuff.  Think of Peter.  When he walked out of the boat and onto that water, He was not thinking about whether or not he had great faith, He was only focusing on Jesus.  And as He beheld Jesus, He got closer and closer to Him.  The Bible says in 2 Corinthians, that “we all, as we behold the image of the Lord, are changed more and more into His image, as we behold Him (paraphrase)  You see, we’re not changed into His image, by trying to be changed into His image.  But, we’re continually changed and transformed into deeper and greater realms of the Glory within us, simply by beholding Him!  How amazing is that!  The Bible also says, in Romans 10:17, “So then, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”  Again, notice that faith comes, not by our efforts or just b/c we want it to, but simply by hearing the Word of God.  And, John 1 tells us that Jesus is the Word of God.  Are you getting it?  Just like Peter, when we see Him, faith is the automatic byproduct that takes place w/out even a thought or effort on our part.  And, when we hear Him, that is His Word, again, faith just comes.  My brother and sister, when you hear and see Jesus, faith just happens!  And he who is in faith, is in rest, glory to God!  If your endeavors of great faith are wearing you out, then please, obey the Word of God and rest!  Faith does not come by your efforts or just because you want it to, or even need it to.  But, faith just happens when you gaze upon your Master and His amazing love for you.  Try to remember the overwhelming, pure joy and love that you had for Jesus right after you we’re born-again.  Think of that time, and simply allow your self to become as a little child, and have that child like faith again.  And in that child like faith, just like then, you will again have peace, assurance, and joy that is pure, overwhelming, and bubbling over into all of your life!  Their is a lot to say about this, and unless I change my mind, I will post some more on this same line of thought concerning faith, but for now, stop wearing yourself out and just enjoy Him.  Simply look at Him, and when you do, Healing, Prosperity, Peace, Joy, and anything else that you may desire or need, will simply happen.


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  1. Right on Jordan, faith is the result of walking with Jesus. I often tell my class, if you want strong faith then fellowship with Jesus, HE IS THE AUTHOR AND THE FINISHER OF OUR FAITH not the things that we do for him! EXECELLENT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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