God was not interested in man fulfilling the law as such.  He was actually interested in man fulfilling love.  God is love, and Man was originally created in the very image and likeness of God.  The core component of God’s DNA, in which man was created, was in fact, love.  Although God is Light, and He is Life, the truth is that even His Light and Life flow from the very core and essence of who and what He is, and that is Love.  But, God knew that a spiritually dead man could not fulfill love.  Only an individual who’s nature is love, can in fact, fulfill perfect love.  I mean, the bottom line is, you just cannot be something that you are not.  You can try with all of you’re might to be something other than what you really are, but the truth remains, you are what you are.  So, in order for man to be able to see that he could not fulfill the true, God-kind of love, instead of God saying, “Thou shalt fulfill love,” He instead said, “Thou shalt…….” in the form of the 10 commandments.  Really, the 10 commandments are the perfect description of love.  Most would argue that to keep the 10 Commandments perfectly would be the fulfilling of true holiness.  In a sense, they are right, but the proper perspective would be that to perfectly fulfill love would be the fulfilling of true, perfect holiness.  But, when it came to man, God could have just said, “fulfill love,” but He did not, and instead He gave the 10 Commandments  to man so that man could see His inability to keep those rigid, inflexible commandments, and thus realize that He needed a Savior to come and put love in him, and restore his nature back to perfect love, totally by grace through faith.   And that, my brother and sister is who and what we are.  We are love.  Our identity is one of perfect, flawless, unconditional love.  For you and I are made in the image of Love.  From now on, don’t live your day-to-day life focusing on what is right and wrong.  Instead, simply follow the love that’s within you, and you can never go wrong, for the Bible declares in 1 Corinthians 13:, that, “Love never fails. 


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