Embassies of God International

About Rev. Simone Noel

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to share and recommend a powerful ministry with you.  The name of this ministry is “Embassies of God International” and is founded and directed by Rev. Simone Noel.  Rev. Simone Noel’s life and ministry have been heavily influenced and impacted by Dr. Norvel Hayes, who is truly one of the most influential and powerful men of God of in any generation.  Rev. Simone Noel is one of the few people that I know who truly knows who she is in Christ, and also knows how to take any person and teach them who they are and all that belongs to them in Christ Jesus.  A special part of Rev. Simone’s unique teaching ability, is that she can take literally anyone who is bound with any type of mental, physical, and spiritual bondage, and teach them how to get free and stay free.  If a person is bound with severe depression, ADD/ADHD, Autism, or Bipolar disorder, Rev. Simone knows the truths from God’s Word that will set them free.  Or, if a person is dying from any terminal disease, whether it be cancer of any kind, lupus, MS, or HIV/AIDS, and she can them exactly how to receive a complete, full, divine healing.  Every time!  Every time, that is, IF they will do precisely what she teaches them.  I’m sure that we could all agree that the world is truly in serious need of a ministry like Rev. Simone Noel’s.  For an even better idea of what Rev. Noel’s ministry is about, here is her ministry Mission Statement: 
     “Embassies of God International exists to bring meaningful change to the lives of the churched and un-churched through Biblical training and ministry focused on empowering the individual to live free of the bondage of physical sickness & disease, torment of the mind & emotions, all types of addictions, and any and all hindrances that would keep one back from their full potential; this new found freedom enables citizens to be productive for their own lives & families and for their communities; therefore realizing the fullness of joy and abundant life that God intends for all His children.”

If you’re in need of what Rev. Simone Noel’s powerful ministry has to offer, or if you know of someone who is in need of her ministry, you can get more information at: http://www.embassiesofgod.org  (there is a link under my “Links” section)


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