Here is a great quote that I read moments ago by E.W. Kenyon, taken from his book, “Two Kinds of Righteousness.” This simple paragraph contains much life-changing revelation that you’ll certainly find it worth the read. Enjoy!

“The church does not appreciate what she is declared in the Word. We have been taught that we were unworthy and unrighteous, that we were weak and had no faith, for so long that is has become a chronic disease. We look with fear upon any message that brings relief unless it is a message of works. If we could sacrifice something, if we could pray long enough and hard enough, if we could confess our sins enough, then in some way we might get straightened out in our spiritual life. The whole thing is wrong.
Righteousness comes by faith. It is not gained by works, by repentance, by crying or by weeping. Neither does it come by the way of begging. It comes only by the way of faith. Man has always sought to get Righteousness by works. If we thought we could become the Righteousness of God by praying for a certain number of hours, we would do it. If we were told that someone had obtained Righteousness by confessing all their sins since childhood and by making restitution for them, we would be willing to make the effort. Righteousness does not come that way. It comes by faith. Not by your work but by Christ’s work. Not by your tears but by the tears of Christ. If everyone of us knew that we have Righteousness in us, we would become entirely independent of circumstances. If we were as conscious of being the Righteousness of God as we are conscious of being weak and unworthy, we would not be sick any longer, we would not be held in bondage to want and poverty. If we were as conscious of our Identification with Jesus Christ and our oneness with Him as we are conscious of physical pain and physical need, we would never have pain and we would never mention our needs again. This new sense of Righteousness, this new fact of Righteousness, this new discovery of our being the Righteousness of God in Christ gives us a new sense of freedom in Christ. It utterly destroys the sin consciousness and the weakness consciousness and the want consciousness. In their place has come the all absorbing reality of Christ. We know that He is our Righteousness and that we are the Righteousness of God in Him. He is with us in all His ability and strength, in all His completeness and fulness. We are not afraid of circumstances. He whispers, “Fear thou not, for I am with thee; be not dismayed, for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” He is with us. He is the God of the New Creation. He is our strength. Heis upholding us with His Righteousness. We cannot fail. We cannot be kept in bondage. This gives us a new liberty in prayer, a new sense of authority as sons and daughters of God to use the Name of Jesus, a new joy in fellowship with the Father. There is a new freshness in the Word. It has become literally His Word to us. Its absoluteness grips our hearts.”


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