-Things That Make You Think-

      Sin is not sin b/c it’s law-breaking. The Bible is clear that under the New covenant we are not under the law (Rom. 6:14, 10:4, Heb. 8 & 9, and MANY others). But, even though the law is no longer in effect at all for Believer’s, there is still in fact a such thing as sin. But what is the standard that makes sin, sin? Well, the reason that sin is in fact sin, is b/c sin is opposite of, or contrary to, God’s nature. Make sense?


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  1. amazing. I like what you have here, and after talking to you @ F2O, I truely believe you know Christ. It took me a while to ceck out your blog, I must appologize. Most people I talk to bilieve what they are taught by man or by there own ideals. I try not to agrue or "tell them how it is" because it is Jesus' law that tells me to be meek, humble and unjudgemental. When you and your wife talked to me I didn't feel like a possesed creature that could be "cured". I felt human and I felt Christ. I would feel comfortable discussing the bible with you and would like to arrange somthing. Weather it be through Email or in person. It was so amazing to meet both of you, ya'll have let me know that though they are not found often, there are people who follow Christ and not the whyms of mankinds understanding.

  2. After having Mormon, JW, Baptist, 7th day, and many more organazations tell me what I should believe, I have come to the conclusion that each religion is like a boat. and they come up to you and say, "Get in my boat, for it will not sink! The other boats however will, so make sure not to get inside theirs!" This is not Jesus' teachings and I will not get on a boat made by men. So I read the gospels and try to follow my true king instead. Mat 5:3-12 are my Fav! (sry I just wanted to express that)

  3. Hey "Anonymous", good to hear from ya man. I'm glad that you like the blog. Furthermore, I'm glad to hear that my wife and I didn't make you feel less than human. I tell ya, religion doesn't discriminate against anyone. No matter how good or bad a person is or seems to be, religion will always find a way to make a person feel worthless. But, thankfully the Lord doesn't do that. A/w, ya, I'd be glad to correspond/talk about Jesus and His Word with you. You can email me at jordanforgrace@yahoo.com."loganjoshua23," I agree. Religion's always exclude and downgrade others in the process of trying to built their elite group. Jesus, on the other hand, never did that. He simply spoke the uncompromising truth in love, and allowed others to make their own choice.

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