Hey guys, just wanted to drop a line and tell everyone why you haven’t heard from me lately. The reason that I haven’t posted anything as of late is simply b/c I have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY at the ministry. This past week I taught 5 classes in the Bible College, which if you don’t know, is a lot. Most pastors only teach twice per week,  so my teaching five times in one week in-and-of itself constitutes for a very busy week of ministry. Also, the week before that, we had a three day seminar on top of the regular ministry work week. Also, during that seminar, I had extra duties accompanying and assisting the guest minister.  Plus, on top of all that, I still have my duties as the Media Director. SO, that’s why I haven’t posted anything recently.  Of course, I will have something posted soon.  I hope that you don’t misunderstand what I’ve said here.  Am I complaining about my busy schedule?  NO, NOT AT ALL!  I love being so blessed and graced of the Lord that I actually get to spend my life being a minister of His Gospel!  LOVE IT!   But, I am human, and therefore can only do so much. As a minister, it’s very wise to not overdo yourself and burn out.  Ministry work should always be an overflow of one’s relationship with the Lord.  It’s very easy for ministers to fall into the trap of thinking that it is their job to save the world and alleviate every need. One of the best things that any minister could ever do is to teach their people to depend on the Lord, and not on them.  Jesus is the only Person qualified to save the world. I am very thankful that I learned this lesson early in my walk with the Lord, and therefore won’t lose my health, peace and family b/c of the work of the ministry. A/w, I just wanted to let you guys know why I haven’t posted anything lately, and that I will have something posted soon! God Bless! Talk to you then!

(Please note that CAPS are for emphasis, not yelling)


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