Hebrews 13:9
“Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace…”

Ladies and gentlemen, God Himself declares that it is a good thing for your heart to be established with GRACE!!! Unfortunately, in much of today’s church world, people’s are encouraged to be afraid of grace. That my friends, is the total opposite of the teaching’s of the New Testament. That, is anti-Christ. Jesus did not come to earth to establish a religion. He came to give grace & truth (John 1:17) so that He could build a family, that is, the Family of God! Families are not (or certainly should not be) dominated by law. A family should be governed by love. Notice, according to the reference above, that grace and truth are on the same side. They are not contrary forces. Way too often, people think things like, “Yeah, a little bit of grace is good, but you have to go further and dig deeper into the real truths of God.” Again, that kind of teaching is anti-Gospel and anti-Christ! Man-made doctrinal tradition says that, “Grace is good and all, but you can’t have too much grace, obviously. Who knows what all that grace teaching will lead to.” But the Lord says that it is a good thing that your heart be established in grace! Established is a strong word. The scripture here doesn’t tell us to, “Think about grace a little, but it’s a dangerous doctrine so be careful.” NO! A thousand times no! The scripture here tells us to be ESTABLISHED IN GRACE! The scripture in John 1:17 says that Jesus brought two things: not three, not four, not 20, but two things: GRACE and TRUTH. Therefore, these two things could in no way be in opposition.  My brother and sister, the very foundation for all that is truth, is grace. If it doesn’t flow from grace, then it isn’t truth. If we are going to walk in the fulness of truth and all that God has for us, then we must first be established in grace! TODAY, allow the Lord Jesus to reveal and fill you with His amazing grace! Be double-minded no more, but rather be firmly established in grace and truth, and walk in the fulness of Christ-in-you!  

(Please note that CAPS are for emphasis, not yelling)


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