Grace 101
Part B

In my last post, I taught the first part of an immeasurably important truth concerning God’s grace, and that is that:

-Grace will never over ride your free will- 

And I will be discussing that further in this post. So, I’ll start with a brief story.  Apprx. 2 years ago, me and a friend of mine we’re having a conversation about some things that we’re going on in his life. And I’ll go ahead and tell you that what was going on his life we’re ‘weighty’ things. In other words, they we’re of great significance any by no means a small matter. My friend’s problem was that he needed more money than what he had (ever been there???) in order for him to be able to stay at the place of training where God had him. Well, during the course of our conversation, my friend said to me, “Well Jordan, I believe that Jesus paid the price for my needs to be met on the cross. So, if it was really His will for me to be here, then the money would just be here.” Well, let me tell you, I couldn’t hardly believe those words when they came out of his mouth! I wonder, did you catch the severity of what he said?
In that simple and spiritual sounding statement that the overwhelming majority of Christians would agree with, he violated part of the very core of God’s grace. And that again is, His grace will never over ride your free will. And that includes 1) being born again, and  2) your receiving His blessings and benefits, after being born again, such as supernatural provision and healing. As said in my last post, it is not God’s will that any person perish or die and thus go to hell because of rejecting Jesus, but none the less that happens every day. Why? Because those people choose by there own free will to reject Jesus and His free gift of salvation. But, of course, there are those people who do choose to receive Him and His gift of salvation. BUT, let me be very clear about this, just because a person is born again, that does not at all mean that that person will receive the benefits of salvation such as prosperity and healing, even though it belongs to them. Most people ignorantly think that exactly what there church teaches and what they believe is right, so therefore if God was doing something more then He would obviously be doing it at there church. Well, that simply isn’t the case. God isn’t a respector of people, church’s, denominations or pet doctrines. He is a respector of His Son, His Word and faith in His Son & Word. The fact is, there are many blessings that belong to EVERY Christian, but you must know that those blessings won’t just fall on you. For example, if I put a million dollars in your bank account, it would legally be yours. All of it! But, until you go to the bank and withdraw it, it will do you no good. It works the same way in God’s family. He has given us many blessings, but it’s up to us to actively partake of those blessings by using our faith. Just in the example of the ‘million dollars in the bank,’ you don’t earn it, you don’t become good enough for it, but it is simply given to you. We see that same example in the story of the ‘Prodigal Son.’ In his case and the case of his older brother, there father had wonderful blessings that his son’s could partake of, but, they both rejected those blessings and thus didn’t partake of there inheritance. Again, the blessings belonged to them because they we’re sons, but the both missed out on them until they chose to come to the father and receive and actively partake of those blessings. So, getting back to my friend. I wish that I could tell you that my friends money came in and he stayed where he was supposed to and stayed faithful the “what” and the “where” that God called Him to. But, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. My friend got exactly what he was believing for, which was nothing. Although he was wanting, wishing and hoping for the money, he never stepped into believing for the money. He never stepped into faith. And you can’t ‘believe’ God any ol’ way that you want to. What you call believing might not be what God calls believing. As Believer’s, we must believe the way that the Bible says to do so. And hoping and wishing and ‘waiting on God to sovereignly do something if it’s His will’ is about as far away from believing as you can get! Remember, Rom. 5:1-2 say that we access God’s grace by faith. And the Bible says in Rom. 10 and Mark 11:23, that true faith 1) BELIEVES in the heart, and 2) SPEAKS with the mouth. Anything else, isn’t faith. My brother and sister, in closing, just let me remind you once again that God’s grace will not over ride your free will. If you want to receive the benefits that belong to you as a child of God, then you must actively partake of those blessings by faith. Rom. 5:17 speaks about those who, “receive the abundance of grace….” The word ‘receive’ in that verse literally refers to actively and presently receiving God’s abundant grace. It is not just referring to the born again experience. So, learn from my friend’s mistake, and don’t sit back and falsely believe that everything that happens in your life, good or bad, is God’s will. But, just like the woman with the issue of blood, run straight to Jesus and grab hold of your inheritance by faith, and let His abundant grace heal, prosper and bless you in every area that you need Him to help you in!!!


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