-Faith & Grace- The Power Twins

Below, I am going to share multiple great truths that ring in my heart, and that I truly live by. These powerful truths will help you in your own ‘Grace Through Faith’ walk, which all of Christianity is. 
-Faith is only as good as the grace that it’s based upon. 

My faith isn’t trying to get me to get anything from God.           
 It’s me walking in what’s already mine because of God.

– So many depart from the faith by giving heed to the seducing, demonic doctrine of, ‘Do more get more, do better get better,’ whereas in true, authentic Christianity we are called to rest! Cheap grace is when a person minimizes the amazing, priceless sacrifice that Jesus gave for them, and thus try to relate to God, and get Him to relate to them, on the basis of there works, and becoming sin-conscious and thinking that His sacrifice wasn’t enough to forgive them! But the reality is that His sacrifice/grace was and is good enough!


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