Hey guys, here are a few statements regarding leadership that I think will help you in your own leadership and in your following  of others. All of us are following and leading someone or something in some capacity, so keep these things in mind, apply them to your life and allow them to bless you and others! 

– 5-Fold ministry gifts are wonderful, necessary and God-given. But, Jesus is the only ‘SuperStar’ in the Body of Christ. 

– A wise leader knows that ‘their’ people are actually His people. 

– A wise minister/leader will not cause people to be dependent upon them, but will teach their people to make Jesus their Source. 

– Christian ministers/leaders should be secure enough in who they are in Christ that they actually desire for those that they lead to receive from and be blessed by other Christian ministers/leaders. We should never try to cut people off from the Jesus that’s in others.

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