Here is a post that I came across earlier today (10/19/11). The post is by Pastor Clint Byars, a wonderful minister who pastors Forward Church just south of Atlanta, GA. I found this particular post to be full of wisdom and very encouraging! And as you read this, I encourage you to not only let it minister to you, but to take what he says seriously (you’ll see what I mean).   


We just hosted Cornel & Rensai Marais and Simon Wilson of Charisma Ministries ( in Auckland New Zealand at Forward Church.  I also just returned from the North American Grace Conference ( in South Bend Indiana, which was organized by Lucas Miles where Andrew Farley and Jim Richards spoke.  The one thought I’m left with is that “Grace Is Everywhere.”

I heard several different people preach a New Covenant message, many of which used different scripture than I typically use and it was glaringly obvious that no matter where you go in the Bible, you will find grace.  There are so many voices and messages in Christianity that people are often left not knowing what to think.  There are so many contradictions in our churches that it’s no wonder we’re not winning the lost and reaching the dark places consistently.
The thing that I value about a strict New Covenant interpretation of the Bible is that no matter what scriptures are used and no matter what the focus of the ministry, the conclusion we’re left with is that God is good, he is seeking to bless us and we are complete in him.  When you mix the covenants you’re left with questions about God’s view of us and what we have to do to get our prayers answered BUT when the New Covenant is truly preached, no matter the voice, what’s spoken is love and what’s produced is unhindered trust for God.
The Jehovah’s Witnesses have a consistent message, the New Testament church should too.  The only reason there are so many confusing messages in the modern church is the we still have too many Pastors preaching a little law with their grace.
The bottom line is that Christ died for the ungodly and there’s nothing we can do to improve upon ourselves once we are born again.  We can become more effective in walking out the holiness that is already in us but that has no bearing at all on our status in God’s eyes.
If you’re in a church that mixes the covenants and God is not telling you specifically to stay, run as fast as you can.  Find a New Covenant church and give up the lifestyle of trying to keep God happy through your performance.
(For more information on Clint Byars and his ministry, go to and

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