GRACE QUOTES – 10/29/11
-all quotes by Jordan Orick (feel free to use them)-

– Salvation is being, not only allowed, but desired, welcomed and beckoned into an unbreakable covenant and the blessings thereof between the Father and the Son of whom neither will ever have any regret, remorse of changing of mind about your being there. 

– Grace allows a person to say, ‘I’m human and that’s OK.’ Religion will never do that. And that same grace will allow you to see the humanity in others and not think less of them, down them or judge them for it. 

– Because of religion, Christians are so afraid to just be themselves! They’re always trying to clean up, measure up and fix up what doesn’t need to be cleaned, measured or fixed! The real you is exactly like Jesus. He IS our life. In true Christianity you are free to be yourself because Jesus is Your Self. 

– Growth in Christianity is not trying to become something that you are not. It’s about allowing the Lord by His grace to remove everything that’s blocking or hindering Who and What you already are. 


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