BRENNAN MANNING – A Beloved Ragamuffin 

About two or so years ago, someone recommended that I read a book by a minister named Brennan Manning. Well, as often happens when someone recommends something really great to you, I briefly looked into some of his material and continued no further. But recently, I came back across his material and am glad that I did. 
      I must confess, that I have seen few people, and I mean few, that are convinced of the love of God as Brennan Manning is. In my own experience, when you come across a person that has experienced, is convinced of and lives in the reality of the love of God, that love is tangible and effortlessly transferable. And that is not only true in person. I have never met Brennan Manning or been around him in person, but as I have watched a few videos of his and read from his popular book, ‘The Ragamuffin Gospel,’ one thing is evident about this ragamuffin: He knows that he is Abba’s beloved. And I don’t know of any greater treasure than knowing that He loves me. It’s more than mere doctrine or theology with Brennan. I find it rather amazing, but as I watch his videos and read his books, I actually regularly get swept over by the tangible love of God. It’s just amazing. I get caught in His love effortlessly. Not in a way that I am endeavoring to enter into His presence and love, but rather His love ‘is just there’, you know what I mean? You can’t put a price tag on that! But, I have said all of this to give you a minimal introduction to Brennan Manning in order to get to the ‘main course’ below. That is, some amazing quotes by him. But, as I’m sure you’ll want to after reading the quotes, I would encourage you to check him out and perhaps purchase some of his books. In my reading, he preaches a phenomenal, uncompomised message of the pure grace of God. It’s as if he has declared war on ‘all things legalism.’ So often in the ‘grace camp’, it’s as if we are trying to sneak in the back door or are constantly having to defend ourselves as if we have to explain ourselves to religion. But with Brennan, he does no such thing. He faces the battle with religion as we should, as if we are the one’s who are right, upholding the banner of Truth, owing no apology or any such thing to the religious. Gleaning from his material will flat out excite you as you well experience the fire of the unconditional love of God and the pure Gospel of grace! His teachings will make you feel as if you’ve unknowingly been enlisted into the Grace Army and that you are already in the battle! And not only are you in the battle, but you are on the side that already is and always has been winning! You feel that in this army their will be no hanging the head low or making apologies for the advancement of this Kingdom! 
Well, if you’re not excited to hear from Brennan and to glean from his teachings by now, then you probably never will be! Below you find some great quotes from him. Enjoy! 

– My deepest awareness of myself is that I am deeply loved by Jesus Christ and I have done nothing to earn or deserve it. 

– God made man in His own image, and unfortunately man has returned the favor. We often make God in our own image, and we want Him to be as fussy, rude, narrow-minded, legalistic, judgemental, unforgiving and unloving as we are. 

– We should be astonished at the goodness of God, stunned that He should bother to call us by name, our mouths wide open at His love, bewildered that at this very moment we are standing on holy ground. 

– The North American Church is at a critical juncture. The Gospel of grace is being confused and compromised by silence, seduction, and outright subversion. The vitality of the faith is being jeopardized. The lying slogans of the fixers who carry religion like a sword of judgement pole up with impunity. Let ragamuffins everywhere gather as a confessing Church to cry out in protest. Revoke the licenses of religious leaders who falsify the idea of God. Sentence them to three years in solitude with the Bible as their only companion. 

– The spirituality of wonder knows the world is charged with grace, that while sin and war, disease and death are terrible real, God’s loving presence and power in our midst are even more real. 

– We must go out into a desert of some kind (your backyard will do) and come into a personal experience of the awesome love of God. 

– The bending of the mind by the powers of this world has twisted the Gospel of Grace into religious bondage and distorted the image of God into an eternal, small-minded bookkeeper. 

– Whatever our failings may be, we need not lower our eyes in the presence of Jesus. 

– I am flabbergasted by the widespread refusal across this land to think big about a loving God. 

I hope that those quotes we’re a blessing to you as I’m sure they were! For more info on Brennan Manning, you can check him out at


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