#1) Faith And Confession 

For the last couple of weeks or so, I’ve been intentionally spending time stirring myself up concerning faith. By ‘stirring myself up’, I mean that I’ve been studying the Word on, teaching on, listening to sermons about and deliberately taking advantage of my time exercising, faith. Faith is a vast and endless topic that one could study and teach on all of their life and still never cover everything that concerns it. One reason for that, is because faith comes from God. God is a faith God. And God Himself is vast and endlessly searchable, and since faith derives from Him, it too is vast and endless. 
So to start, let me say that the literal definition of faith in the original greek language of the NT, is “a conviction of truth”. Many people have said that, “Faith is blind.” But in reality, that is not true. faith is unseen and is based on things that can’t be perceived with natural senses, but faith is absolutely not blind. Again, faith is a conviction of truth. To be convicted of something means to be convinced of something. When you have enough evidence of something that you have become convinced of it, then you would have to conclude that you are not blind to the reasons that you are convinced of why you believe what you believe. Saying that faith is blind is based on false religious assumptions such as, “Well, you just never know what God’s gonna do.” That, is religion and is not true! That kind of thinking is based upon teachings that have put people in bondage by persuading them that we a lowly humans can only get so close to God and never get to know Him closely and personally. These ideas that God is unknowable and unpredictable are nothing more than religious reasonings and myths. God is a predictable as His unchanging written Word and His unchanging nature. Now THAT kind of thinking and understanding is a great foundation to start from in one’s walk of faith. God is not some mindless energy that just randomly does one thing one day and another thing another day. Think about how precise the human body and the things that hold this world together work. Would the God who created those things not also be deliberate and precise? Of course He is! God is stable and unchanging. I mean, He’s perfection. And since perfection is perfect, then by default perfection never has to change or conform to any other standard, reasoning or way of doing things. 
Now Hebrews 11:3 tells us that God framed the ages and created all that is by speaking His faith. It would do you a world of good to just go ahead and settle the issue that, in order for faith to truly be faith, it must be spoken. There is no such think as silent faith. Silent faith is only mental accention, hoping, wishing and wondering. And those things are a world away from the world of faith. Faith that is not spoken is not faith at all. People very often have a hard time understanding what is often called “Faith & Confession”. It’s often misunderstood and condescendingly referred to as, “That ‘ol name it, claim, blab it and grab it stuff.” There are many different reasons why people misunderstand the powerful truth of Biblical faith and confession, but one thing that I remind people of often when trying to help them understand it is how they got saved. As Romans 10:8-9 tells us, a person receives Jesus and is born again by: But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy MOUTH, and in thy HEART: that is, the WORD OF FAITH, which we preach; That if you shall CONFESS WITH YOUR MOUTH the Lord Jesus, AND SHALL BELIEVE IN YOUR HEART that God hath raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved. (caps for emphasis) Did you notice that according to these two verses, faith is two places, not one, not one or the other, but two: In your mouth and in your heart. Very often people understand the believing in the heart part, but not the confessing with the mouth part. Oh it’s easy for them to understand it for the initial born-again experience, but after that people can’t seem to correlate that over into their every day faith walk. And even with people who have heard about it, understood it and even go to a church that teaches on it regularly, it’s so easy to forget the confessing with the mouth part. That is primarily where people miss it. They often pray and ask God, and ask God, and ask God…..and ask God, but very often they never step into the full arena of faith which includes not only praying and believing, but also speaking and claiming for themselves what the Bible says belongs to them! And many people won’t claim it as their’s because they aren’t convinced of the fact that it belongs to them. Religion has told them that it COULD be theirs if they we’re holy enough, if they prayed hard enough, or if they confessed it enough. But those things are not true. The truth is that we do not confess the Word of God in order to get things to happen, or so that the promises of the Word WILL BECOME true, but rather we speak, or confess, the Word of God out of our own mouths because something has already happened and therefore IS true! (and I may elaborate more on this later, but I just want to point out that very often people think and say, “Well, I know what the Word says, but I don’t really believe it, therefore I’m not going to say it.” That my friend is faulty thinking at it’s finest. The truth is, faith is in your heart because of your new nature. But, if you’re not walking in that faith, then you shouldn’t not confess the Word, but rather that is the very reason that you should speak the Word! Speaking the Word will tap into the faith in your spirit and cause it to come forth! You should speak the Word ESPECIALLY when you don’t seem to be walking in your faith) 
      Now, in the closing of this introductory teaching of faith and confession, I want to emphasize one very crucial factor. What I want to point out  is found in Romans 10:8, which says, “…The WORD is nigh thee, even in your mouth, and in your heart…” Notice that, what the Bible calls faith, is when the WORD is in your mouth and heart. So, in our confession, we’re not just speaking nice, wonderful things just because they are nice and wonderful, but we are to speak what the Word of God says. If we want the blessings of God to manifest in our life as God wants them to, then we need to say about ourselves and our lives exactly what God says about us. Don’t waste time confessing a bunch of nonsense, no matter how good, noble and upright they are. Make sure that you have scriptures to cover your case. Speak the Word! Speak the scriptures! 
I am going to expound more upon these powerful truths and as well as others concerning faith in upcoming posts. It’s very important that we understand faith. I spend the majority of my teaching whether in blogs or from a pulpit expounding upon Jesus and the New Covenant of grace that He has established, and rightly so. I think that understanding the truth and fulness of what Jesus has given us in the form of grace in the New Covenant is basically the most important thing that we could understand. But at the same time, I think that our understanding of faith is equally important, for God’s grace and the benefits of Jesus’ finished work are ONLY accessible by faith. So stay tuned as I continue to share many powerful and truly life changing truths concerning faith. 


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