Hey guys! I’m stopping by to mainly say ‘hello’, and to briefly exhort on God’s love for you during this Christmas season. But on to that in a moment. First, I just want to apologize that I haven’t been updating quite as much as usual. But, that’s normal for me at this time of year, for multiple reasons. Among which are: 1) My wife always travel during this time of year, which means that we are not only busy with traveling and enjoying time with family, but are also a bit tired from the traveling. And also 2) Ministry is truly a full time job, so I take full advantage of this much enjoyed break every year to catch up on some refreshing relaxation! 
But, I would like to take just a moment  and wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season! This time of year is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year! I simply love it! The lights, decorations, music, movies and overall mood and atmosphere that Christmas creates is easily the most enjoyable time of the year for me! Always has been. Some of my fondest, prized and most precious memories are from the many wonderful times that I’ve had with my family and loved ones during Christmas. And personally, I flat out love the cold temperatures and the snow!!! I would do great in place where winter lasts about 10 months out of the year. Anyways, I really do hope that all of you have a great holiday season! Unfortunately, many people suffer from great depression during the holidays. And their are many valid reasons why people could feel sad, down and out. For instance, I certainly understand a person feeling sad during the Holiday season if they’ve lost a loved one or are currently going through some hard things in their life. But I do not at all understand how the Holidays Season in-and-of itself could make someone feel depressed. And I don’t understand how a person who has God living in them could be depressed “just because”.  Now, before I got saved, I suffered from clinical ‘Major Depression’, and it was no joke. Sometimes depression would come on me so strong that I would become almost paralyzed for long periods of time until that ‘thing’ (aka demon) lifted. And even though heavy onslaughts like that would come and go, I still thought and felt depressed to some degree basically all the rest of the time. But,very shortly after I got saved, having had no teaching on the subject, I realized one day that I didn’t have to be depressed anymore. (It’s amazing what the Holy Ghost would teach us if we we’re simply taught to listen to Him instead of listening to rules, regulations, principles and steps all the time.) But with that, I realized that it was totally up to me whether or not I was going to be depressed anymore or not.  So many people have no reason to feel down and out, and if you ask them why they feel depressed they’ll say something like, “Well, I don’t know, I just feel depressed.”Well, if you are born again, and you feel depressed, then you’re feelings are wrong! And you do not have keep feeling depressed if you don’t want to. But it’s up to you to do something about it.  One thing is for sure, Jesus is greater than seasonal depression or any other kind of depression that comes knocking on your door. EVERYONE has temptations to accept and live in depression, but NO ONE has to accept those feelings and live that way. Jesus truly is joy unspeakable, full of glory! Even today, as I was getting ready, I consciously, on purpose took some time to stir myself up in the love of God! It’s amazing how many people never use their own faith for anything, and are always expecting someone else to come along and bless them, make them feel worthy and of value, and get everything from God for them. That is no way to live at all! And honestly, it’s rather immature. Jesus paid too high of a price to give you the God-kind of faith for you to sit around a pout all the time and always expect someone else to get everything for you! He loves you with too great of a love for you to sit around all the time feeling sorry for yourself and never taking advantage of that great love. And to be honest with you, it’s outright, conscious rejection of and disbelief in His love for you, and it’s selfish. Now, I’m not saying any of that to be insensitive to anyone, but I’m saying it because it’s true. I, just as much as the next person, have many, many reasons why I could live in a state of justifiable depression. But the reality is, I DON’T HAVE TO LIVE THAT WAY, AND NEITHER DO YOU! No one, and I mean no one, has to put up with depression, and that includes you. You are not the exception or the one case that is too hard for God. His love, grace, peace and joy will completely work as good for you as it will for anyone else. And I meant it when I said that I’ve had plenty to be depressed about, but I simply choose to live a life that is full of God’s peace and joy. It may not sound that simple, but it is. I deliberately use my own faith and run depression out of my life and stir up the joy of the Lord within me! As I mentioned earlier, this very morning I took some time while I was getting ready and began confessing (by confessing, I mean literally quoting scriptures, out loud, out of my own mouth. You need to hear yourself say it. If you don’t know any by memory, then simply look some up, read them out loud for yourself, and make them personal. Like John 3:16 says, “For God so love the world…” But read it, out loud so that you can hear yourself, and say, “For God so loved ME…” And do at least 3 or 4 scriptures that way) how much God loves me, and how I am completely righteous in Jesus and totally forgiven forever, and how that God completely, perfectly and eternally loves me and accepts me because I’m in Jesus! And you know what, after I started doing that for a few minutes, it didn’t take long until I got “in the flow” of the Holy Ghost and I was effortlessly flowing in the river of God’s love for me! You see, it’s part of the Holy Ghost’s job to confirm and tell you about how much your Father loves you! And if you’ll just use your faith and speak the truths of God’s love for you from His Word, then you’ll give the Holy Ghost the faith that He needs to “kick into gear” and the rivers of the love of God will start rising up on the inside of you! 
Now, I assure you, that you will have to take the scriptures from the Word and use your faith and stir up the love of God on the inside of you. It won’t stir itself up. But if you will just stop taking no for an answer and refuse to put up with the devil any longer, and use your faith then you will experience first hand the power and anointing of the Holy Ghost operating in your life in this area (and any other area). Again, this won’t happen just because. Their are an innumerable amount of things in this world that are constantly working against your mind and are trying to cater to negative feelings, thoughts and emotions. Their is nothing in this world that will just automatically make you know and feel that God loves you the way that He indeed does. And on that note, if you don’t feel like God loves you, then you’re feelings are wrong! And you need to speak the Word of God to yourself and tell your feelings how to feel! But, most people have never been told how much their Heavenly Father loves them. Most people have never experienced it. Most people don’t see any tangible evidence of that reality in their life experience. But, the Word of God is your proof, and all the proof that you need! I promise you, if you will beging reading and speaking over yourself the scriptures that tell you how much God loves you, then you WILL begin to experience it firsthand. This Christmas season, allow the Holy Spirit to convince you of the amazing love that your Father has for you. Don’t waste any more time just wishing and hoping that things would get better. But you, today, run boldly to God and let Him personally prove to you how madly in love with you that He is! Let this Christmas be a great one for you! Celebrate Jesus and His love for you this Christmas by knowing that He celebrates you!!! 

From Me To You, 
Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas!!!  
Jordan Orick 

P.S. – Just so you all know, I am planning on doing more video teachings this year, and I am planning on getting some of those up and going sooner rather than later. Also, if you guys would like to receive more of my stuff, then follow me on Twitter (@jordanorick) or Friend Request me on Facebook. I put a lot more stuff on those than I do on here. The reason being, on here try to put larger teachings that I would on those two because of the format. So, I put many more, shorter statements/teachings on those two sites.


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