Grace & Hell – Equal Truths 

Here is a very important video by well known minister Francis Chan. Certainly in these last days, God has been able to re-veal the truth of the fulness of His grace to the church and the world alike. I have found in my own experience in as a minister and Believer that the restored truth of God’s grace is causing the same reaction that many other restored truths caused when they came back to the forefront. For example, in the early 1900’s when God restored the truth about the Baptism of The Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, many we’re liberated, blessed and empowered beyond measure by receiving this powerful Biblical truth. On the other hand, many in the church world said ridiculous things such as, “That’s of the devil!” Well personally, I served the devil whole heartedly for years and he never once made me or told me to speak in tongues. Not once. None the less, then God restored other lost truths such as healing in the great healing revival that swept America in the 1930’s & 40’s. Then their was other wonderful rediscovered Biblical truths such as financial prosperity and the Charismatic Renewal & Word of Faith. And of course, many in the Church accused all of these clear, thorough Biblical truths as being ‘of the devil.’ Now, many people received one or more of truths such as these as they were renewed back to the Body of Christ after having been lost through demon spirits of religion, but then refused to receive other Biblical truths that were restored. Many people have ‘set up camp’ and said in essence, ‘This is a far as we are going with God! No more. No less. If you don’t agree, then you are wrong and you can go somewhere else!” And that is the essence of religion. Religion preys on the insecurity that’s inside of every human that longs and desires to be right. And when that insecurity has been laid hold of, it manifests in the form of pride. Pride is nothing more than an overcompensation and expression of an underlying insecurity. And these manifested insecurities (pride) are at their very worst when they come to the forefront in the name of God, which in reality is only religion (religion being man’s attempt to control and set the limits on who God is with extreme exclusivity). Religion is arguably the strongest demonic stronghold in the world today. People will gladly die and kill others in the name of religion. They will lock themselves away in temples for years upon years in silence and solitude in the name of religion, and so on and so forth.

Well, the same holds true this very day. God has restored what I believe is THE foundation and final truth to be restored in this hour, and many are fighting it with everything in them! This wonderful, Biblical truth that has been restored, is the grace of God. God is showing the world that He is a God of unconditional love, unending mercy and unlimited forgiveness and that He is not a mad, angry, disgusted-with-humanity, ticked-off, out to get you kind of God. Many people, particularly in the Word of Faith camp (which I am very much so believe in) have absolutely detested what God Himself is doing in the earth in the revealing of His grace. Many in the Word of Faith camp have thought that the Word of Faith is the be-all, end-all of doctrine and that nothing else could possibly be true. The ridicule and mock denominational church’s for ‘being religious’ when to be honest with you the Word of Faith camp is at least as religious, if not more, then any other camp that I’m aware of . The WOF have prided themselves on ‘not being religious’ because they believe in healing, prosperity and the Gifts of the Spirit. Well, I’ll tell you now, that their is a whole lot more to not being religious than just believing those three things. I know that from personal experience. The reality is, you have not ever and will not ever step out of the bondage of religion until you begin to 1) learn about and understand 2) experience, the unconditional love of God. Period. Really, the WOF has become it’s own denomination in many ways, and that truly is sad. As a person who believes in Biblical Confession, God always wants to heal, bless, set free and prosper, and the Gifts of the Spirit, I’m amazed and deeply saddened by the way that the ‘unreligious’ Church has so aggressively attacked God for revealing His grace to us. No, they don’t know that they are attacking God, but since He is the One who has revealed the truth of His grace back to His Church, then they are indeed fighting and striving against Him. Certainly, we need to show as much grace and unconditional love to them as we believe in and preach ourselves as people who have received and experienced God’s phenomenal grace, as much as is possible.
But, as with any great truth that has been restored to the Body of Christ, the devil has come in and twisted and perverted it in every way that he possibly can. He always has people going to extremes and outside of the boundaries of the Word of God with truths, and in doing so causing much damage and turning may people off from that particular truth. Some people would believe the message of God’s grace, but end up not crossing over into receiving it because of the excesses and demonic perversions that infiltrate the Body of Christ concerning that truth. Also, some have received it, but after some time, end up backing out of it because of these same perversions. They got in the water just enough to get wet, but didn’t stay in long enough to get saturated and emerged in it because of the ‘sharks’ in the water. And that is again, so very,  very sad. None the less, it is still our responsibility to uphold the banner of truth and to do as Paul told Timothy, and that is to ‘be strong in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.’ We as Grace Proclaimers should NEVER back down to Satan and those whose mind he has twisted concerning the grace of God. Never! The main perversion, and actually resurgence, that has infiltrated the Body of Christ since God has brought the truth of His grace back to us, is the doctrine of universalism. The teaching that (of course, it has many different variances) ultimately all of humanity will be brought to Heaven and spend eternity with God, and that no one will suffer in hell for eternity. Believers in universalism are very animate about this and will fight and harass you to no end over it. I’ll be honest, they are as religious as any group that I’ve come across. They are ‘Grace Pharisees’ to say the least. Now, I have already wrote two posts that touch on universalism here on my blog, so I am not going to explain much about it. Just Google ‘universalism’ and you’ll find all the info you need to research it. My two posts in which I touch on it are called, ‘Grace 101 part A’ and ‘Grace 101 part B’. But, let me just say, that you need to stick very closely with exactly what the Word of God says about eternity, heaven and hell. You cannot afford to do otherwise. Many people have received an intellectual understanding of grace, but have not truly experienced it to any real degree. The true grace of God ‘teaches us’ (Titus 2:11), and that same verse tells us that the Grace of God is Jesus Himself. And Jesus would never teach us anything contrary to His Word, such as saying that their is no literal, eternal hell. The Bible plainly, clearly and thoroughly teaches that and so does Jesus! Many people get off with grace when they try to interpret and force every Biblical doctrine to filter through ‘their understanding’ of grace, when in reality you don’t need to interpret the Bible through a doctrine, but rather let every doctrine be interpreted through the Bible. In other words, let the Bible interpret the Bible. I’m well aware of the many arguments that Christian universalists try to use to support their false doctrine, but none of them ‘hold water’.  They simply don’t.
So, I ran across this video by well known minister Francis Chan some time back, and found it to be very good. With this strong demonic push to infiltrate the Body of Christ and the world with this heresy of Christian Universalism, I believe that we need to heed to such sound advice as what Francis gives in this video. I pray and beg you, stick with exactly what the Word of God says, just the way that it says it. Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into a dangerous doctrine just because you want it to be true. Don’t allow emotional desires to dictate what you believe and uphold as ‘truth’, but simply let the Word of God tell you what is truth, and allow yourself to trust it and believe it as your source of truth, regardless of how you feel about it. So, having said all of that, now watch and listen carefully to this video by Francis Chan. God Bless.


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