Hello out there! I hope that you are enjoying this fine Friday. I know that I am. I just wanted to take a moment to refresh you by reminding you of how perfectly forgiven you are. This is one truth that we must never deviate from. This truth is as important as any truth in the Christian faith. Forgiveness is not the only topic or truth in the Bible, so by all means learn about other wonderful teachings in the scriptures, but continually find your way back to this foundation. This is how i function in my own life. I spend time learning about different things in the scriptures, reading, studying, praying, ect. But I very often make it a point to take some time to re-study, re-think and re-meditate on this powerful truth. And this works well in our fellowship with the Lord because is something that the Holy Spirit is always reminding us of and pointing us to. Making sure that we understand that we are perfectly and eternally forgiven is on the very top of His priority list. Heb. 10:15-17 says that (paraphrase) the Holy Spirit continually bears witness to us that our Loving Father does not remember our sins anymore! Living in the revelation of the total forgiveness that is in the Gospel is truly living! Being conscious is not just some spiritual principle that doesn’t effect our day-to-day life. Rather, understanding, believing and walking in this understanding can profoundly effect our daily life. Just think about Jesus: He never committed sin, and thus He never wasted any time at all worrying about sin somehow effecting His relationship and fellowship with the Father. Well, the Good News is that as He is so are we in this world, right here, right now, all day, every day! WE ARE TRULY AND COMPLETELY FORGIVEN AND CLEANSED FOREVER!!! Just think of how Jesus’ mind was completely freed up to receive from the Father, and to hear His wonderful instructions to go about loving the sinner, healing the sick and delivering the oppressed. It is hard to serve God “in the flow” if you’re constantly under a burden of believing that you are not totally forgiven and in absolute right standing with God. But, when we believe that we are totally forgiven, righteous and blameless in His sight, then and only then are we free to “be about the Father’s business” and to do so joyfully out of fellowship, not out of condemnation and obligation. Believing in your perfect forgiveness effects every aspect of your life. I just simply don’t have enough time to tell you how wonderfully it can effect your day-to-day life. Love, peace and joy will flow into your relationship with your spouse and children, your job, watching TV, going on vacations, serving in your church, going out for dinner, taking a road trip and anything else that you can think of. Truly, a person who knows how forgiven they are will walk in “joy unspeakable, full of glory”. So, with all of that being said, let me just say to you one more time: You are absolutely, totally, utterly, completely and eternally forgiven, cleansed, justified, perfected, holy, righteous and blameless before your Father who loves you! Today, just choose to believe that, by faith, whether you feel it or not, whether your mind, thoughts or emotions agree with it or not. You are not supposed to be drug around by your depressed emotions and negative feelings all of the time. You are a spirit, a gloriously born-again spirit that is totally saturated with the very life of God! 
      So again, just choose by faith to accept and believe that you are forgiven and accepted. If you have to, then today when you get a chance, get alone and take 3 slow, deep breaths and then say (literally say, out loud): I am loved by my Heavenly Father. I am forgiven of the entire lifetime of all my sin. I am forgiven right now. I am forgiven forever. I am in right standing with God Almighty, who is my Father. I am right with my Father. I am loved, accepted, forgiven, holy and righteous right now. Period, end of story, the end, amen. Thank you Jesus for loving and forgiving me so perfectly and eternally! I love you! 
Now, you may feel funny or weird doing something like that, but if you’re not getting the results that you want, then I suggest that you try it. Now, one last time, let me say that your Father has forgiven you, He truly does accept you right now at this very moment, so enjoy yourself today, feel free to be you. You are under no obligation to be sin-conscious and miserable all the time. But, you are totally free to be happy and full of joy at this very moment! Enjoy your Friday and the rest of the weekend! God Bless! 

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