Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to inform you about the North American Grace Conference which will be held in South Bend, IN and is hosted by Lucas Miles. This year’s NAGC will be the second. It’s clear at this point that the Lord Himself has truly set this wonderful Grace Reformation into motion! We are coming into a time when the Grace will not be considered a new movement per se, but rather it will be a natural, normal part of our every day live’s as well as our church life. That being the case, it is so wonderful that the Lord is raising up and blessing us with conferences such as this one. This conference is a wonderful, safe gathering for people who want to hear the powerful truth of the Word of His Grace. At this conference, you’ll hear seasoned, proven ministers who you can trust that will build you up, teach you and challenge you. You’ll hear from the conference host, Pastor Lucas Miles. He and his wife Krissy pastor Oasis Granger in Granger, IN. Besides pastoring their local congregation, Lucas and Krissy also travel abroad to places such as Mexico, Kenya and St. Lucia. Also, they have recently been on TV w/ Pastor Peter Youngren and Tim Storey on the Grace Television Network. Also, Dr. Jim Richards will be speaking at the conference. Jim has been a pioneer in the message of God’s grace for many years now. He has written several books, preached the Gospel all over the world with signs and wonders following, and also airs a Friday night live stream teaching broadcast. Also, Ed Elliot will be ministering this year. Ed is a true evangelist who powerfully preaches the love and grace of God across all spectrums throughout the world. And, there will be other speakers as well. So, if you desire to and are able to come to the conference this year, then simply click on the link below to get all the information that you will need. It is sure to be a powerful time enjoying the Lord and His wonderful grace! 


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