-You were forgiven for your entire lifetime of sins before you were ever born. 

-The phrases “ask forgiveness” and “ask for forgiveness” are not found in the Bible one single time. 

-The only thing that can acquire forgiveness before God is the blood of Man. Therefore, forgiveness cannot be attained through any other means. ie, apologies, asking for forgiveness, confessing individual sins,  rule & law keeping, living holy. 

-Jesus adequately paid for every single sin of every single person who ever did or would exist in His one sacrifice. 

-The individual sins of mankind are not an issue of God. Jesus paid for every single sin. The only issue is each individual receiving the free gift of forgiveness of sins. 

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  1. Hi Jordan, I will try to keep this short. I was raised in the RCC (confess to a priest to be forgiven). I found hard core pornography in my home and did something I was too afraid to confess to the priest. So, as a child I felt like there was no hope for me. I developed OCD (scrupulosity) and severe depression. Later, I tried to get right with the RCC (still believing what I was taught as a child). No matter what I confessed, OCD would tell me I forgot something, lied about something, or just sinned again. I went to the assemblies of God and then several other denominations and was taught and believed that we are forgiven by confessing directly to God, never to a priest. Again, after a temporary relief, OCD and depression kicked in and I felt that I could not keep up with my sins, I could literally spend my entire life confessing directly to God and yet continue to suffer fear, guilt and self-condemnation. Finally, I found the Gospel of Grace and Paul Ellis’ writings. I believed I am completely forgiven, but after fifty years and with the utter horror of OCD and depression confusing my mind, I would not "feel" forgiven and out of sheer desperation and suffering crushing depression, I would sometimes ask for forgiveness for some sin that was tormenting my mind at the time. Then I read something Paul Ellis wrote where he linked asking for forgiveness with those terrifying verses in Hebrews. Again, I was utterly crushed to the point of asking Him to please let me die. I know Paul meant well, but should not allowances be made for people like me who have been taught wrong for decades and suffered unspeakably with OCD/depression to make a mistake in this area? Is there a SIMPLE way to look at forgiveness? I believe the scripture that says, "whoever believes in Him HAS forgiveness of sins" (Acts 10:43). No asking, no begging, no torturing your brain to make sure you got it right. Is this the simple way to look at forgiveness and would you please help me with what Paul Ellis said about the Hebrews verses!! It seems they are talking about completely rejecting Jesus and going back to the Jewish sacrificial system – NOT struggling with conflicting teachings about how forgiveness works for Christians – especially when they have been taught wrong for decades and are burdened with severe mental illnesses (OCD & depression) that are so brutal that you end up asking Jesus to please end your life. Please help me with this!! Jordan, are there other verses that can help me, or should I just rest in the clear statement of Acts 10:43 no matter how badly I am attacked. I really believe that I am forgiven as a part of all that I receive by believing in Jesus as Savior, Lord and Life, but when I don’t “feel” forgiven and OCD/depression are crushing me, it is unspeakably horrible for me.

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