Hello Everyone! It is officially 2013 and I must say, I am excited! God is so good and He always has good thoughts toward us and good plans for us! His endless mercies and sweet lovingkindness never take days off! Well, at this time of the year, multitudes of ministers are declaring what they believe God has spoken to them concerning His plans for the Church at large for the year at hand. Personally, I have no problems with that whatsoever. I mean, it’s perfectly clear in the scriptures that the Lord does things in the earth in prophetic timelines and seasons. And I certainly believe that He informs us of His plans for us. Some people probably don’t like all of the ‘New Year Proclamations’ from preachers because, amongst other reasons, they are all saying so many different things. But, I have no problem with that. I think that many different preachers are hearing and declaring different things from the Lord is because they are all reaching different groups of people in the Church. So, as long as what they are saying lines up with the Goodness of God and His love for us, then I basically am OK with it. Above all, I like what Jesus had to say along similar lines in Luke 4:18-19. In these verses, He says (paraphrased) that He was anointed by the Spirit of God to preach the Acceptable Year of the Lord. I believe that every year (and day) is the Acceptable Year of the Lord. Or you could say it this way: The Year of the Lord’s Acceptance. That is, His acceptance of Humanity. Above all, our message should always strongly emphasize the fact that God accepts all of humanity because of Jesus’ sacrifice, and all they need do is simply accept and receive His acceptance of them. 
      Now, I do have some exciting news concerning my personal life for this upcoming year. I am very excited to announce that My Wife & I are starting our church! For years now, we have felt drawn to the Kalamazoo, MI area and knew that we would eventually start a church there, and that time has finally come! We will be having our very first service on Jan. 6, 2013. God is so good…we are just so excited! We know that the Lord is going to do awesome things to make His Son famous in Kalamazoo and to get His Gospel to the people there, Believer and Unbeliever alike. The name of our church is Grace Life Kalamazoo. 
      So, I will be updating you on here to let you know of the many wonderful things that are happening in our church. Once again, we are so excited to be apart of what the Lord is doing in Kalamazoo, and I am looking forward with great anticipation to see the Spirit of God do phenomenal things in the lives of the people! I will keep you guys updated on the many salvations, healings, miracles, blessings and other awesome things that the Lord does along the way! It’s gonna be fun! 


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