In my last post, I stated that my Wife and I were starting our church, Grace Life Kalamazoo. Well…that’s exactly what we did! We have had our first 3 services, and couldn’t be more happy and excited with where God is taking us! I really do consider it a privilege to be preaching the Gospel of pure Grace and to be able to take people with me on this journey. My heart truly hurts for the masses of people that I know love God, serve God, want to be closer to God and who would do basically anything for God, yet they really have no idea how much God loves them. Unfortunately, they have been told repeatedly that God only accepts them to the degree that their performance is acceptable. Maybe those words weren’t used, but the idea was definitely there nonetheless. I meet people from many different places, all over the world in fact, and without fail there are always certain similarities. 
1) People love God and are serving themselves nearly to death to try to please God. 
2) They are born-again, but are walking well beneath their blood-bought means and for all practical purposes aren’t really excited about God or fulfilled in their day-to-day life. 
3) I tell them about the true, pure Gospel of Grace…and everything changes. 
      And that’s how it goes. That’s how it went for Jesus. And that’s how it still goes for Jesus. It is impossible to find out how much He loves you without it radically altering your entire life and being. And that is our goal at Grace Life Kalamazoo. To introduce all people, saved or lost, to a Jesus who is better than they have ever imagined. If you aren’t completely ecstatic over your relationship with God, then you aren’t seeing Him for all that He really is. Acts 6 says that after Philip preached Christ in Samaria, that there was GREAT JOY in the city! There is always great joy when the real Jesus, the Jesus of unconditional love, is preached! So, that’s what we are in Kalamazoo to do. To let people know how perfectly loved they are. We aren’t here to lord over people, to try to run their lives, to put people into bondage with a never ending list of religious rules. We are here to let people know that Jesus loves them – period. 
So, this blog is for my personal ministry (Jordan Orick Ministries). But, we have a different website for our church. The name of our church website is www.gracelifekalamazoo.com. I hope that you’ll check it out. That website is where I will have much of my ministry media content up at and where all updates will be, whether for upcoming church announcements or evyen for my personal ministry itinerary (although, my personal ministry itinerary will be on here as well). So once again, we are very excited to have the opportunity to bless our community and are looking forward to all that the Lord does! Check out our Grace Life Church site…God Bless!!!  


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