Grace, Grace, Grace…

I’ve been thinking the last few days about how many lives have been so drastically changed for the better because of God’s grace. Just in my own life, I’ve been blessed to see and hear about how so many people have been taken hold of and absolutely captivated by His grace. 

There is so much talk about Revival, Fresh Fire, A New Wake, A Great Awakening and lots of other terms referring to a new, never before seen move of God in the earth. And yet, for so many of us, myself included, we have been in a personal ‘revival’ for some time now, years even. I would say that the Body of Christ is fortunately yet again in a genuine Reformation. (You don’t get to have all the fun Martin Luther!) If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times: “When I began to experience pure Grace, it was like I got born-again again!”. And that is definitely true for myself as well. And really, even though life isn’t perfect by any means, because of His grace, it just keeps getting better and better! His love never gets old!

Sadly though, there has been much time, effort, energy and resource devoted to attacking this wonderful wave of God’s grace that has been blowing through the Body of Christ ever so gloriously! If only these people would let their fears go and let their guard of self righteousness down and sincerely ask the Lord to show them the truth, not just what they want to be true, they too would be raptured up into this glorious grace! But, for those of who have been invaded by grace, there are no amount of sermons, conferences, attacks, debates, nay-sayers or anything else that could sway us otherwise. I suppose that only those of us who have taken religion seriously can appreciate the wondrous freedom that is grace. And having tasted true bondage and true freedom, there is definitely no going back to bondage for us. The fact is, you can’t argue with tangible evidence. They can try to deny grace from their distant place of theory all that they like to, but for those of us who have experienced it, there is no denying it. There is no arguing with fruit, there is no arguing with tangible results, there is no arguing with reality. It would be easy to say that flying is impossible if you never saw or heard of a plane, but you couldn’t convince a man who had experienced flying that flying wasn’t real or possible. The same goes for grace.

Again, It makes me so happy to hear people who say things like: “Well, I had just had enough. After several years of being told that I wasn’t good enough from the pulpit, that I would never measure up, after trying endlessly to keep up with all of the rules and the formulas, I finally just wanted to give up on church and religion altogether. I was even mad at God because I thought that all of the unbearable pressure that I was living under was from Him. And, when I was about to throw in the towel for good, I just happened to see a guy by the name of Joseph Prince on T.V. one day, and…WOW!!! It all changed from that moment! I heard the Truth and I am now more in love with God and more excited about Him than I have ever been!” Again, I’ve heard these stories so many times and I absolutely love it! I thank God for it! It just never gets old! And this is my story as well. I’m glad that Jesus found a way to rescue me from the endless pitfall of “I’ll never be good enough” religion and graced my whole life right side up! God is just so much better than religion has ever presented Him as being! One thing about it, grace is here to stay. Grace wins. Grace, grace, grace…Thank you Jesus for your grace!


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