Exactly How Forgive Am I???

The Bible is very on the issue of what Jesus has done about our sin. The New Testament epistles tell us over and over again that we have already been forgiven of all our sins. This can indeed be a very shocking reality upon first hearing it, but it is a reality that everyone needs to be faced with. Modern Christianity has watered down the truth of our state of perfect forgiveness, but the Word of God leaves no stone unturned in telling us of how perfectly forgiven we are. Below are a few different ways of accurately understanding and stating just how forgiven we are. Allow these truths to set you free! 

-You are forgiven of all your sins: past, present and future. 

-You are not forgiven on the basis of your continual request for more forgiveness, you are forgiven on the basis of the sacrifice that was made for your forgiveness. 

-The blood of Jesus was only shed for your sins one time, therefore you are only forgiven one time. 

-The only sin that a person needs more forgiveness for are the sins that Jesus didn’t already die for. 

-The only way that any person could receive more forgiveness than what they already have would be for Jesus to shed His blood for more forgiveness. 


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