No Grace…No Gospel (Spurgeon Quote)

One of the most important things that I’ve ever learned and experienced is that Grace is not merely a part of the Gospel. It’s not one of many doctrines, it’s not just a foundational truth to build upon and it’s not even a very, very important doctrine. Rather, Grace is the Gospel. It’s amazing to me how things just seem to fall into place the more that I realize that without Grace, their is no Gospel at all. As the Apostle Paul mentioned in Gal. 2:21, I have found that if anything frustrates me in my walk with God, it’s when I fall victim to trying to ‘balance’ grace somehow. I say it all the time: The easiest thing in the world to do is to backslide into legalism. The flesh is just bent towards legalism and performance. But, as Paul said in 2 Cor. 10, we can pull every thought captive to the obedience OF Christ and trust that His obedience is bigger than our obedience or disobedience will ever be! Pulling legalistic thoughts and tendencies down to the obedience of Christ is an effective way to “put the flesh under” and “forwardslide” out of legalism and back into the operation of Grace! Now as I already said, Grace IS the Gospel. When I say that, I’m not implying that Grace is bigger than Jesus. Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Savior, Jesus is God, Jesus shed His blood for us, Jesus is the Lamb of God, Jesus is the First and the Last, but what I’m saying is that what our Savior Jesus provided for us through His shed blood, death, burial, resurrection and ascension is Grace. The entire Covenant that His blood and finished work provided for us is one of Grace. It’s absolutely amazing how many reservations try to prevent us from cutting away all of the “safety” nets that we hold onto while trying to let grace be a necessary doctrine, a great doctrine, an important truth, but without letting it completely be the Gospel that it is. So, if you are having any reservations, fears or apprehensions about completely entrusting yourself to God’s grace, then I encourage you ask the Lord to help you to let go of the fears and reservations and continue to feed on the Truth through the many wonderful pure Grace based products that are available. And you can start by drinking in the powerful truth below by Charles Spurgeon.  

The substance and essence of the true gospel is the doctrine of God’s grace—that, in fact, if you take away the grace of God from the gospel you have extracted from it its very life-blood, and there is nothing left worth preaching, worth believing, or worth contending for. Grace is the soul of the gospel: without it the gospel is dead. Grace is the music of the gospel: without it the gospel is silent as to all comfort.
-Charles Spurgeon-


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