Grace Thoughts

The Jews prayed and prayed for the Messiah to come and when God eventually sent Him, many of them who prayed the hardest and were the most zealous and dedicated looked Him in the eyes and rejected Him because He didn’t line up with their doctrine. They were so blinded by their version of the scriptures that they couldn’t see the Word when He was standing before them. But yet, many did receive Him because the longing for truth in their hearts recognized Him even if He didn’t seem to line up with their current beliefs. The same things has happened today. The church has prayed, prayed, begged, pleaded and prayed some more for revival, and in just the last few years God has sent it. He began restoring His Grace and revealing to us like no other generation had ever seen it. And it so clearly lines up with His written Word. Undeniably so. And yet, so many were not/are not able to receive it because it doesn’t line up with their preexisting beliefs. And yet, many of us have believed and received this most glorious, liberating, better than words could ever describe truth, even though it painfully uprooted and thankfully replaced so many of our former beliefs. I thank God for every move of God that the church receives and moves in, and I so thank Him that I’ve been apart of this Grace Revolution that has engulfed and marked our generation forever!


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