Religious Jesus or Real Jesus?

Pharisees specialize in condemning people but Jesus said that He did not come to condemn. Pharisees look at “sinners” with disgust but Jesus came to seek and save “the lost”. Pharisees wouldn’t be caught dead fellowshipping with anyone who could hurt their reputation but Jesus let women with reputations cry at His feet and then rub their hair on Him, in the middle of one of His church services He defended a woman just caught ” in the act” with a man that she wasn’t married to and He even went and hung out with a well known political crook & thief in his own house. If we’re not careful our goofy religious concepts can have us believing in a Jesus who looks a lot more like the Pharisees than the Jesus who was the Friend of Sinners.



One thought on “Religious Jesus or Real Jesus?

  1. Yes real life with the Lord in his victory give life with fresh living waters well in us and from us and the HOly Spirit wil be with us and show us more of Christ in his inside and his mighty treasure in the spirit and soul wil live by rest and thanksgiving in peace,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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