Salvation Thoughts… – 2/5/15

The greatest revelation of the Gospel, the thing that makes the Gospel the Good News that it is, is that salvation is a free gift. It is completely and forever free to we the recipients. But some how or another, we’ve believed the lie that “getting forgiven and saved” is just the cute little baby stage thing that you are required to go through at first, BUT THEN you need to grow up and mature in the things of God! We’ve seldom examined and explored the depths of the glorious salvation that we received in an instant, by grace through faith. Salvation isn’t some thing that we leave behind at the entrance, but it’s the life of God that we’re meant to ever experience. A lack of understanding how amazing the gift of salvation is has led us to believe that it is some petty, little “thing” that we ourselves are required to conjure up the ability to hold onto. But salvation is not some tiny, slippery, ever-elusive thing that God gives us so that we may try hold onto it with all of our might. It’s a person named Jesus, who never leaves us and never abandons us.


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