You Are Dead – 2/16/15

Romans 6:7, 11 – For he that is dead is freed from sin…Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The book of Romans as a whole is nothing less than a stunning masterpiece! It exhibits the pure Gospel, showing in remarkable, fine detail just how amazing our Savior is and how amazing this system of justification that He established for us is! You just can’t beat the book of Romans! That being said, Romans 6 came alive in my heart today. Romans 6 teaches us, amongst other things, that we as Believers have died to sin. This is a profound truth which could certainly merit an entire book’s worth of teaching. But, I’ll just briefly touch on it here in this post. When Romans 6 teaches that we are dead to sin, it’s specifically talking about the old sin nature that every human being born into this earth receives from the original man, Adam. So, you could say, we are dead to Adam, or we are dead to the Adamic race. Adam’s race of species, after the man’s original fall into sin, became a species of sin. But, Jesus came and put an end to the agamic race for all who would choose to be born into a new family, the family of God. So, here a few points that we can draw out of Romans 6:

-It’s appointed unto man once to die…Jesus died that death for us
-Jesus died to Adam on our behalf
-Jesus died to our sin for us
-We no longer need to “die to sin” because we’re already dead to it
-Sin is not a part of our identity. We are literally dead to sin

Again, I know that there is much that we can draw from Romans 6, and that these are just a few, short points, but these few truths that I’ve shared here alone are enough to change a person’s life significantly! Allow these simple, powerful truths to resonate in your heart and to bring forth resurrection power in your life!


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