Rethinking The Last Days Series – Intro (12/6/16)

In January of 2015 The Lord told me, “In 2015 Eschatology will come to the forefront of much of the Body of Christ.” I can say with certainty that in my limited, subjective experience that has certainly come to pass. In the last two years I have seen an explosion of teaching and discussion in the area of Eschatology (the study of last things/the study of end times). Quickly and simply stated, my eschatological views have drastically changed since Jan. 2014. The primary reason for this is b/c I got frustrated with all of the confusion in this field of study, and thus decided to study this area for myself very, very objectively instead of just trying my best to accept all of the confusing “answers” that the “prophecy experts” taught and preached. And I can easily say that doing so has been one of the best decisions of my life! A whole new world has opened to me as a result of, as the title reads, rethinking the last days.The Word of God has pieced together for me in ways I never could have imagined, so many answers have come and so much theological confusion has been eradicated! In the coming posts, I want to share some of these powerful biblical truths with you. I certainly don’t ask you to blindly accept the things that I say just because. But I would implore you to objectively look at them for yourself, and to allow the Word of God to be final answer.

More to come!

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