My New Book, “My Favorite Verses (not) In The Bible” is now available on Amazon Kindle!!!

In my new book “My Favorite Verses (not) In The Bible” I cover the following topics which are commonly taught but completely untrue and very harmful:

1) You Will Go to Hell Over Unconfessed Sin

2) Confessing Sins Means Asking for Forgiveness

3) Jesus Won’t Heal People With Unconfessed Sin

4) Jesus Won’t Heal Someone Who Has Sin in Their Life

5) Jesus Makes People Sick in Order to Humble and Teach Them

6) God Won’t Fellowship with You if You Have Any Sin or Unconfessed Sin in Your Life

7) God Can’t Look Upon Sin

8) Communion Revolves Around The Sin or Lack Thereof in Your LIfe

9) If You Backslide You Need to be Born-Again Agan

10) Repent Means Turning From Sin

11) The Holy Spirit Convicts Christians of All Their Sins

12) You Have A Generational Curse

If you need or want to have a greater, clear, and concise understanding on these issues then my book will be a great resource for you! The chapters are short but pack a punch of truth and clarity, and will help you significantly to deconstruct from these toxic teachings and reconstruct onto a solid foundation! To purchase the ebook version of my book click on the link below where you can purchase is for the Kindle App which can be used on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.


Get your copy today and learn many powerful truths that will set you free!!!

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