Eschatology RoundTable #2 – w/ Bishop Jamie Englehart and Pastor Jake Stringer

In this RoundTable session I am joined by Bishop Jamie Englehart and Pastor Jake Stringer and we discuss some incredibly important issues from the so-called Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24. A few of the things covered were:

-how Church history has always attested that Matt. 24 was completely fulfilled in the 1st Century
-how both Scripture and history (such as the writings of Josephus and Eusebius, for example) both clearly teach the fulfillment of the events of Matt. 24
-how John N. Darby invented Dispensationalism in the 1830’s and began teaching the new ideas of a secret rapture and that Matt. 24 is still awaiting fulfillment some time in the future
-why we shouldn’t try to interpret Eschatology with the daily news headlines but rather how we should interpret scripture with scripture
-the importance of studying out these issues for ourselves in an objective manner and not blindly taking the words of others (including our favorite preachers)
-and much more!

But, one of the most important we discussed is how Eschatology is not a secondary or peripheral issue concerning the Gospel but rather it’s a very, very important area in the things of God that will bring great freedom and untold blessings to our lives as well as the lives of our loved ones when properly understood! Eschatology isn’t an unrelated-to-daily-life, somewhere-far-off-in-the-future, abstract issue. Rather, Eschatology is the completion of God’s redemption plan! Eschatology is as related to our daily lives as grace, faith, prayer, forgiveness, etc. are!

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