Andrew Farley "God Without Religion" 1/2

On my next two posts, I will be sharing two great videos (part 1 & 2) of an interview with Dr. Andrew Farley. Andrew Farley is a wonderful minister of the Gospel. He shows forth New Covenant truths with amazing clarity and simplicity. Many of the Biblical truths that he shares are calmly bold, nicely in-your-face and unintentionally provoking, while he himself is ministering purely, not seeking a ‘shock factor,’ and is obviously and genuinely interested in his listeners experiencing the same liberation that he has. Andrew, years ago, was completely burned out on religion. He witnessed to people continually, joined virtually every church function that he could and read the Word of God 4 to 5 hours a day, and felt that he was basically not growing at all spiritually and was no closer to God than when he started his Christian journey. In desperation, he cried out to the Lord for help and answers, and over a 10 year period the Lord continually taught him the pure, undiluted New Covenant which radically transformed him. Andrew is now the pastor of Ecclesia Church in Lubbock, TX, where he also works at Texas Tech University. He is the author of three books, notably ‘The Naked Gospel’ and ‘God Without Religion.’ I am so very excited to be able to share his ministry with you! He is a man who was truly spiritually frustrated and tired due to religion, but now walks in and ministers an enjoyable, refreshing and life giving New Covenant reality! 

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